A Night In The Dunlevy Woods

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A night in the Dunlevy Woods
Here are two stories of my past adventures in dunlevy... The truth behind the stories you have heard. These stories both are very in detail down to the wire of what exactly happened. There are no dramatizations in this story, so everything that is said in it is 100% true. The main point of the story is to describe my community and the things that we do as a group of friends. Hopefully you will like the adventures that have gone on in the dunlevy woods and town.
Part 1
It was a normal day in dunlevy and the kids were all playing airsoft and juggle ball and having a good time when the day was slowly coming to an end. It was Johnny, Travis and I and we were walking down the alley of the railroad tracks being bored at around midnight and we spotted this crossbow. Johnny said “Dude... There’s a crossbow underneath that truck cover” and Travis said “Well let’s take it and put it in the tree house” so we decided to take this crossbow back to the tree house at midnight. We were walking across the field to get to the woods when Johnny said “This is creepy as hell” and we all agreed that we were insane for doing this because the woods are haunted. When we got to the border of the woods it got more sketchy and we said “Let’s just hurry this up shall we” and we entered the woods. Not even halfway into the woods we stopped because we heard a whistle. Soon after the whistle there was a girl that hummed and a growling that scared us to hell and back. Travis dropped the crossbow and we all took off running as fast as we could. Travis and I were practically holding hands for how fast and close we were running together. We didn’t look back when we heard these heavy footsteps coming behind us. It was Johnny and he was running so fast! He was breathing heavy and soon had a 10 second split on Travis and me. We finally got to a safe distance and looked at each other and said “what the hell was that?” and none of us could figure it out. We went back to Johnny’s house and played Super Street Fighter 4 for the rest of the night.
Part 2
It was yet another day in dunlevy and the kids all got together to play a game of release the Belgiums. We waited until it got late and dark so there were better places to hide from the enemy team. It was Johnny and I versus rob, Travis, lauderbake, and Demetrius. So the teams split ways so that Johnny and I could go hide from the other team. We were crossing the field and we looked to the edge of the woods when we seen this big white creature running across the borderline of the woods. We seen this thing and started to run to find everyone else. When we did we told them what we had seen and rob said “okay we are going in there and hunting this thing.” So we went back to Rob and Johnny’s to prepare for this epic hunt. I grabbed the L96 sniper rifle and a flash light, Travis had a combat knife, lauderbake took off his shirt and put it on his head and was armed with a machete looking like a goon, Johnny had his gun, Demetrius had a stick and rob had and Ak-47. So we were all ready to go and we set out to hunt “Big Foot” we set out across the field and into the woods and it just kept getting darker and darker as we got further into the woods. We ended up at the old campsite that the lady hung herself at and we all kept going because we were not messing around with that. Lauderbake started cutting down bushes and howling and we all laughed and gave up because we didn’t find or see anything. So we exited the woods and said we will find out what’s in there someday and we all went back home and left it at that.

By Brandon, 19
Recorded at Allegheny Intermediate Unit on January 31, 2011
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